Don't worry! Just thought you might have it :) I'm going to the cinema to watch it on Wednesday anyway because I'm from the Uk and haven't found any English links! Haha thanks anyway

You’re welcome! (But still I’ll try) Hope you enjoy it! I loved it, hope you love it too:)!!

No like the video you got it from

Sorry, I don’t have it! But I will search for it, is that ok?

Please where do you have peter holding gwens body?

Where do I what? Do you mean in a gif?

Did Gwen's neck snap?

Her head hit the ground, but yeah, I mean, with the impact she broke her spine.

Tumblr debería pagar a las personas que tengan mas de 500 seguidores no crees? Hahahahaha FUCK U TUMBLR!

Hahahaha totalmente de acuerdo! #FUCKUTUM… Ok, no.